Wednesday, 27 March 2019

New book out in autumn: Sports Journalism

I have a new book, Sports Journalism: The State of Play, out in the autumn of 2019. After a few dramatic moments in extra time, the manuscript is now with the publisher, Routledge, and it's due to be on shelves in September.

The book is an analysis of contemporary sports journalism with a focus on how the digital revolution has affected the sports media landscape. There is a bit of history, a bit of ethics, a bit of sociology, a bit of crystal ball-gazing... a bit of everything that's intended to get both current and trainee sports journalists thinking about what it means to be a sports journalist today, and where we should be focusing our time and energy. While there are plenty of reflections, it is anchored in practical situations and experiences.

The book, co-authored with Daragh Minogue from St Mary's University, is part of Routledge's Media Skills series, which is edited by Prof. Richard Keeble.

A wide range of journalists agreed to be interviewed by me for the book, including Anna Kessel, Sam Peters, David Emery, James Pearce, John Simpson, Laura Winter, Michelle Owen and Steve Marshall. Many thanks to them and everyone else who contributed. I will update when the precise publication date is confirmed.